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"History is not the past, only part of a continuum that began at the beginning of time and ended a minute ago.  My stories take place in the past but  are part of that continuum and inform the present. The characters' stories tell  how we got to where we are today. Through stories we learn who we are and why we believe what we do. Their story may not be the ones in history books  but  their times were not simple and the interpretation of them is only the one someone wants us to believe." - James Friedlander

Soul Passage

If you are interested in where this country is today , and why  we are so divided,  you only have to look at our history , and here it is, Soul Passage. This story is everyone's story , still living with us today in a nation which struggles to live up to its reputation as the land of the free. This  is the first in my series of books documenting three generations of one family , originally  brought to America  as prisoners to work as slaves. After finding freedom, the struggle continues to gain full  citizenship.

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The Wall

A fantasy about how the border wall came to be and  an intrepid reporter 's coverage of one heroic family's struggle to reach it. It may not be such a fantasy after all.

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The Castle

If  you love a good story that has everything, political intrigue, love, food, lust, and murder, all taking place during a royal banquet, this book is for you.

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Shooting  Jesse James

If you think the Civil War began with Fort Sumter and ended at Appomattox Court House, learn how it really began and has still not ended. The myth makers continue to keep it alive.

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